Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I've Missed You!!!

So my break lasted longer than I actually thought it would.
I miss you guys! I really do! I miss writing here. I have a billion thoughts and ideas floating around. A million conversations that I’ve had, thoughts in my head that I know need to bounce off my blog friends!  

I’m not putting pressure on myself to post at minimum three times a week like I did before, but I have a feeling I will be around a lot more than I have been the last bit.
As for the project Ma and I are working on – it’s slow going, I haven’t tossed it aside though – I hope she hasn’t either.

Even though I have a billion things I could write up – typical Blessed So and So thoughts I’m just going to make this an updating post – I don’t typically like to just throw out update posts – I mean really who cares, but it will give me a jumping off place as I get back in the blogging groove!

We have been fruitful as a family. Not exciting, but fruitful. Had some big sausage making days – once with deer meat and once with pork meat. Both batches turned out fantastic! We found some great pork at a great price so it makes a big difference! We mix our deer meat with pork for sausage.
We watched a bunch of basketball – both girls played this year so we spent a lot of time sitting in various gyms.

A committee I sit on put on the first of many events planned this year. The village I live in is turning 50 in 2014 so there are several celebrations planned. The first was a Winter Carnival and there were some glitches, but overall it was fairly well received. We are in the works of planning our next event - Canada Day and putting together a time capsule which is very exciting!!

My cousin celebrated her 40th birthday, we attended a surprise party for her and it was really nice. There is a bunch of history with that side of the family so it was such a blessing to just be able to hang out in their kitchen and chit chat.

Hubby helped two friends with taxidermy, teaching them the ropes. I swear Hubby’s garage is some sort of happy place vortex – everyone seems to enjoy themselves when they are in there. Or… maybe it has something to do with the amazing guy I married and not the place on the earth the garage sits! Hubby also did a paid taxidermy project, one of the few he ever does for pay and a small one for himself.
A super great charity that Hubby and I have helped with for quite some time had their big once a year fundraiser – a big curling tournament (Bonspiel) where the payout is in meat. It’s such a fun event. We only were able to help out two nights and missed the big Saturday which was a bit disappointing but Little Sis had basketball zones. The charity we help with is all about seeing that kids who can’t afford to play sports are given the opportunity. So it would be pretty bad if we missed our kid playing a sport as we helped other kids be able to play sports. The two nights we helped were a lot of fun though and we were able to see some old friends that we never get to see!!  
My boss retired. I was concerned – I’ve worked since I was 14 and I’ve NEVER had a bad boss – I was worried I was due. A co-worker ended up getting promoted and so far it’s been working out great. Happy dance!  

Hubby and I were super blessed to be able to attend a dinner put on by friend’s hunting club. We had such a great evening with great friends AND hubby got to meet Cody Robins – a BIG deal in the hunting world. He got is picture with the current muley world record. Also Hubby was pretty tickled and I was pretty proud – Cody Robins had heard of Hubby and another fellow literally chased us out to the parking lot to meet Hubby because he was so excited to be able to chat with him and had missed his opportunity. It was pretty darn cool!

We spent a weekend smoking salmon which was also fun and tasty!!

Easter went well, a smaller crowd then typical but delightful. Little Sis’s birthday was last week – she’s 14 so it isn’t a big production like when she was younger. Cake and coffee on Saturday and this weekend she’s having some friends over to hang out and do teenage girl things.
Soccer has also kicked into full gear for us. Hubby is coaching Little Sis again and is the field manager which means plenty of line painting for the next handful of weeks. He loves it though. This is Big Sis’s last year of soccer which feels strange. Also have nieces and a nephew playing so if you’re looking for me I’ll be watching soccer J!

Over Easter weekend we had a really GREAT supper with wonderful friends, Hubby helped them install a dishwasher and in exchange they gave us a hutch – I adore it!! It was so sweet of them. Again we are blessed!!
I actually got ALL of my spring cleaning done this year which is amazing. I’ve lived in my house for soon to be nine years and I have never actually finished spring cleaning. I have a bunch of seedlings popping up – in fact some are too big and I need to transplant them. Have a very good start on the yard and finally it is looking much more like spring then it once was – Woooo Hooo!!!

Oh I get to keep my job for another year – I’m a year to year contract so there is always the chance it won’t be renewed, but I signed on the dotted line yesterday so things are good there.
The other BIG exciting thing coming up in just over a week is Big Sis’s grad. It seemed so far away when she moved in and in all honesty there has been more than once I wondered if she’d still be living at home when this time came, but things are much better than they once were – it’s been a journey that’s for sure, but here we are…. Well almost anyway.

A community project Hubby and I have been picking away at with a group of really great guys is all coming to fruition tonight. It’s the big meeting that the project gets announced to the community. I sure hope it’s received well and all goes well.
Well that in a brief nut shell is what I’ve been up to for the last three months – like I said my desire is this update gets the ball rolling that I can get back to bombarding you all with my crazy thoughts!! I suppose I’m going to have to give some follow up updates – on grad, the community meeting and how the future 50th anniversary celebrations go. That’s okay I suppose some updates are okay. J

I sure hope this finds you all doing really, really well!!! It’s nice to be back!!!


  1. Update away! Glad your back to blogging!

  2. Welcome back! I have missed your words here! I might get back to blogging msyself...perhaps. I have missed it!


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