Thursday, January 9, 2014


Sleep…. I’m not a huge fan AND I am a big believer in it!
Contrary? Odd? Yeah I know.

So first let’s look at the not a huge fan part.
I wish we weren’t built to sleep. I wish we needed simple rest time, but we could still be aware. Spending six to eight hours awake but cuddled up to my Hubby – aware of my surroundings and time with him sounds like pure delight. I love falling asleep, I love being cuddled up and I love waking up and being all cozy warm in my bed. All that in between part where I’m unaware – it feels like I’m missing out.

In fact Hubby and I are complete polar opposites on this. To the point that my Mother in Law took Hubby who was her first born to the doctors because she was convinced something was seriously wrong with him. He would sleep and sleep and sleep – sleep through two or three feedings, sleep like 10 to 12 hours straight - nuts for a new born babe. The doctor examined and came to the determination nothing was wrong with Hubby he just needed and liked to sleep.
Then my mom who took me her first born to the doctors because I wouldn’t sleep, I barely slept at all for a baby, maybe racking up eight or ten hours total in a twenty four hour period of time. Again the doctor examined and it was determined that nothing was wrong I just didn’t need a lot of sleep and didn’t like to sleep.

I find this so interesting that we were both so extreme we had our mother’s concerned and that our extremes are on polar opposite ends of the scale. Amazing we make it work. For sure Hubby sleeps less then he used to, I hope I don’t have him sleep deprived….
Now I know all this talk about disliking sleep would quickly, quickly change if I were a poor sleeper. If I suffered from insomnia or was in so much pain I couldn’t sleep or if for some reason I slept but never really rested. Suddenly my thoughts would change big time. See I am a good sleeper and I do almost always wake up rested and ready to tackle the day. I know this is a blessing and I’m grateful and try very hard not to take it for granted!

Still sleep does seem like a bit of a waste of time…..
Don’t you think????

On the other hand I am a firm, firm, firm believer that it is very, very, very important. I know so many people that are sacrificing a higher quality of life that they deserve by not going to bed at a decent time. They say they need the “me” time or they just can’t go to sleep early or and or and or.
First no amount of “me” time is worth your tomorrow. There are a lot of people that struggle through their days because they are tired.

Now onto the,” I can’t fall asleep bit” – what I’m about to say applies to those that DO NOT have a sleep disorder or serious pain I know this changes things. Maybe the reason you can’t go to sleep might be because you pushed yourself past the point when you were tired. You may have been ready for bed at nine but that’s too early for an adult to go to bed or you really wanted to watch this show or read this book or knit that scarf or whatever and so you stay up. I know once I push myself past the point where I should have gone to bed, I get a second wind and then I can have big time troubles falling asleep. The other reason maybe you slept in too late and did too little. I’m not trying to be rude, but if you get up early enough and do enough through the day and don’t get jacked up on caffeine and don’t have a sleep disorder when you crawl into bed you’ll sleep…. You’ll sleep good…………….Try it if you don’t believe me!
Really, truly sleep is very, very, very important and it is ideal if you can keep the same sleep schedule whether you’re working or not. I know I do and I feel so much better for it! Life is better I’m telling the truth.

Like all things this is tempered with common sense. Obviously there are times when I stay up later or sleep in more. I try to use my head about it, but I don’t want to be so rigid that I miss out on life either.
If you are a person that burns the midnight oil and struggles with being drug out all the time – try fixing your sleep. We all need different amounts. As I said I’m blessed and I’m good with six or seven (seven ideally), but some of you need more and so sleep more!

Also for those of you that say you’re blessed to function well on three or four hours sleep I have to be honest and say I just flat out don’t believe you. Not unless you’re able to catch some naps through the day than okay I’ll give you a pass, but if you are consistently only sleeping three or four hours a day by choice and not because of a disorder you need to shake your head and try for one month to sleep six or seven EVERY night and then let me know how you feel!!!

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  1. I agree, I wish sleep wasn't necessary, but it is very, very important! One can actually shortened one's life by inadequate sleep. There is scientific proof. Which scares me cos I do not sleep well due to pain. However, I know very well how crappy I feel (downright sick & hurt more) when I have an especially bad night. Those who can sleep well; should! Don't be foolish, go to bed! Oh and be so, so grateful.


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