Wednesday, January 8, 2014

One Word

I’m not entirely sure how this “one word blog thing” got by me all these years. Seriously I’ve been blogging a long time. Longer than I have had Hubby and that seems like forever! Still all those years and all those blogs I missed this New Year One Word thing until this year.
Now this year I’ve read it three times. Three times it’s been explained to me. That picking one word to define your year brings about great benefits, especially if you involve God into the process. My mom on her blog explained that the word should fit, that you should know that you know that you know that it is your word. She describes in her post that it took some time for her word to come to her. I do have to say it was time well spent because she came up with a great word. Check it out here.  

For me I knew my word immediately, it came to me while I was reading the first post introducing this whole one word concept.
Had I know about this phenomena I would have chosen the same word for 2013, but I think it’s okay to work on something for more than a year right?

My one word is………………..

Ohhhhhh…. How I utter this word, over and over, every single day.
For me a “doer” I know that there is a sweet spot – between making the most out of every minute, staying in the pool, maintaining and complete surrender. I know it isn’t an either or deal. I know there is a perfect, harmonious balance between accomplishing and relinquishing.

I have already seen much fruit from my intentional focus on surrender. I am filled with praise for the freedom I’ve been given. I am for sure on my way….
Still I don’t feel I’ve settled into that sweet spot yet.

This year I desire to cuddle up and settle right down into that ever elusive sweet spot – the blended, divine harmony that I know exists……

Yep I like the sound of that!!


  1. Great word....I think that is my word too!!

  2. I shall have to think on this for 2014... but I think I must have thought the word "expensive" last year as in retrospect that's how I think of 2013!!

  3. Great word! I am thinking of one for doesn't pop right into my mind...bad sign?


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