Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Maybe... A Break???

Well blogging buddies…..

I’m going to try taking a break from this blog for a bit….
We shall see how long that lasts I often get a burning desire to write and I can’t help myself and so in all honesty that could happen tomorrow, but I’m not going to make it a priority for the next while or maybe longer than the next while.

I tend to have a lot of irons in the fire and I came up with an idea and Ma and I would like to pursue this one and see where it goes. I am an idea gal, always scheming and not too often producing so enough is enough!!!
So if you don’t hear from me nothing is wrong, nothing at all and then if you do…. Well you do!

To my blogging friends – please e-mail me of facebook message me from time to time and I will still try and make time to read some blogs.
Gosh I do wonder how long this will last, I’ve been blogging a long time… longer than I’ve known Hubby and that seems like a lifetime ago. I tend to look at the world with the mindset of what I can blog about!


  1. Ah Jamie, it's good to do what you want. Does that make sense? I will be sad though not to have posts to read when I pop in here - I do love your blog.

    Congrats on your article. It is so great. Yup, I feel like doing a big ol' fist pump when you talk about nostalgia.

    Now, I wish you were still blogging so you could chronicle this new adventure you and your ma are setting out on.

    Thinking of you tonight!

  2. Glad we're FB friends so I don't lose touch with you!

    I'll be here waiting if you ever feel the urge to write again. I can honestly say that I will miss your thoughtful posts that always make me examine a part of myself that I hadn't thought of before more than you will ever even imagine.

    Many hugs my friend!

  3. huh.....you can't quit....thats just not right....lol!! Can't wait to see whats next! :)

  4. and to think I was going to have a months worth of bogs to catch up on :) thanks for making my reading list a bit lighter lol. PLan and Scheme away...its kinda fun...


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