Monday, January 13, 2014

Hunting Haters

I don’t hunt. I don’t want to hunt. There are two main reasons for this.

First and foremost I find the entire process extremely unappealing. Getting up well before the birds, spraying dirt smell or worse deer urine on my body and then crawling on my belly for two hours across some field with the hopes of coming close enough to an animal, does NOT sound like my idea of fun! Then……….. if you are “lucky” enough to kill the animal you’ve just stalked the real work begins, gutting, dragging, skinning, butchering and so on and so forth, again this does NOT sound like a laugh riot to me. Of course there is tree stand or sitting in a blind hunting, this involves sitting still for hours without saying a word – can you guess why this method doesn’t thrill me either????
Yeah give me an early morning coffee, cuddled with my afghan and news shows any day! Or a nice long chat over yummy treats…. now that sounds like a good time!

The other reason I’m not a huntress is I am not in a mad hurry to kill another living creature. Yes the thought of shooting something doesn’t thrill or excite me.
Still, taking all of my thoughts on hunting into consideration does not mean I’m against the killing of animals. I just can’t be – I receive far too much enjoyment from bacon, rib eye steak, BBQ chicken, saucy, sloppy ribs and Shake N’ Bake chicken.

I eat meat. Anyone that eats meat can’t be against the killing of animals without being a complete hypocrite.

Maybe this is news to some folks, but the pig that supplied your tasty bacon didn’t live out a natural lifespan and then die peacefully in their sleep before showing up on your BLT.
In fact, most animals are treated in a fairly deplorable way before ending up on your plate. I’m not a farmer hater either and I understand that methods are practiced because the farmer needs to make a living. Still…..have you ever seen a pig barn, chicken barn or feed lot??? All environments are far from an ideal life for an animal.

Now I do understand being against poachers, hunters that chase and torture animals to death or trophy hunters that waste the meat. This is killing for the sake of killing.
For the sake of being transparent and because most of you can guess that my hunting Hubby does participate in coyote shooting, I will share that he does kill coyotes and gophers and no we don’t eat either.

I’m not upset by this, but I do see where someone could be. We live in a farming community and coyotes and gophers are pests and vermin, no different than a rat in your house. Farmers are constantly calling Hubby telling him areas that need to be controlled.

This rant was inspired by a collection of Hunting Haters that decided to attack Hubby on Twitter.
I 100% respect that many people don’t wish to see pictures of dead, bleeding animals. This is why I don’t post pictures of the girls or Hubby, as they pose with their latest kills. I don’t post them here and I almost never post them on Facebook. (I believe I made an exception for Hubby’s deer of a lifetime and the girls’ first successful hunts.) I write an annual Christmas letter and mail it out. Obviously a lot of the going ons at our house involve hunting and this is discussed in my letter and yes most of the really great family pictures are of Hubby, The girls and my Father in Law huddled around some dead, bleeding animal. I don’t include these pictures unless I can cut the dead animal out of the snap shot. I understand that people don’t expect to open a post from this Blessed So and So and see a deer, bloody with its tongue hanging out. Likewise they wouldn’t be poised for such a snap shot on my Facebook wall or in my Christmas card. This could be upsetting and offensive. We have numerous works of taxidermy art in our home and I try my best to warn people before they come over and I make it clear that I will not be offended if they choose not to come.

Hubby on the other hand is another story. If you are going to follow him on Facebook or Twitter you are going to see pictures of dead animals. It’s his life. His Twitter name is @muleyseeker – I think it’s pretty obvious what he’s tweeting about! If this upsets you then don’t follow him and don’t go perusing his Twitter pictures or Tweets. Use your head.
I think most people do use their head, but then there seems to be this group of anti-hunting folks, intentionally scanning Twitter to find avid hunters and then hate on them, calling them cowards and bad parents for teaching their children to murder.

For a short time hubby engaged with one of the fellows hurling insults and did discover he did eat meat, but are still really against hunting.
This puts a bee in my bonnet. I totally respect a person’s right to be against eating meat. I even totally respect those that eat meat, but are still disturbed by taxidermy and pictures of dead animals. What gets me shaking my head is people not doing the same and even worse actually trolling looking for someone like my Hubby to throw out crazy insults at.

They don’t know my guy from Adam and if they did I’m sure they would gain some measure of understanding. Hunting is not some sick hobby for him. He loves and lives for the outdoors. He is a major rule guy and never trespasses or takes an animal out of season. Yes he’s had bad shots and I’ve seen him chase a wounded deer for hours and days, getting little to no sleep. On top of that I’ve seen him chase wounded deer that another hunter shot! He is a huge believer in eating what we get, including the bear meat. He thanks God for providing for us and he’s a big time advocate for sharing the meat we have. We’ve given meat to people that find themselves in a tight spot on more than one occasion. We also share with those that just have a taste for wild meat, but don’t hunt.

Hubby is far, far, far from a coward or some of the other words he was called that I won’t repeat on here. You’d be hard pressed to find a man that works harder, is more stand-up, honest and full of integrity.
Isn’t having the right to have different beliefs one of the great rewards of living in a free country??? There are lifestyles that I disagree with, but if I were to intentionally seek individuals out that practice those lifestyles and then hurl insults at them I would be wrong. There are many hot topic lifestyles such as homosexuality that if I sought them out and hurled names at them I would be hung up for the crows to peck at. Somehow it’s different when a group of people that don’t know my Hubby, but disagree with his lifestyle decide to shoot around really mean spirited insults????

This drives me mad. Why can’t we all just respect each other????


  1. I totally agree! Anyone who eats meat is advocating hunting by proxy even if it's done in a slaughterhouse. Dead is dead! They're worse than hypocrites, they're idiots! Good for you

  2. This makes my blood boil. Hypocrites! I don't hunt either and don't love the whole process of it but grew up in a hunting family (obviously!) and do see the value in it. And ummmm hello, it's the circle of life! And a bigger don't like it...don't follow or engage at all. .I don't care for sewing blogs because I don't guess what? I don't follow sewing blogs.It's simple

  3. One of the best things I learnt as a child was where our food comes from; visiting farms, slaughterhouses, the butchers. My parents also thought it would be a good idea for me and my brother to know how to find our own food if god forbid anything ever happened to us out camping or there was a crazy end of the world senario. I know how to snare, skin and cook a rabbit, how to shoot a gun, clean a partridge, catch and clean fish. That said I don't hunt. Nor do I care to take a large animals life.

    I do enjoying eating (and cooking) wild game. Deer, Caribou, Bear, Geese, Duck and my favorite Moose.

    For the naysayers towards hunting I think those animals have a more "natural" life than the hundreds of chickens that never see the natural day light or the pigs crammed into their stalls that have nothing to do but eat all day.


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